The 10 Essentials For Amazing Weight Lifting Workout Routines

Bodybuilding is a lot more than just lifting up some heavyweights. Good weight lifting workout routines consist of several different aspects. If you want to build yourself a nice body, your weight lifting workout routines need to have proper nutrition, daily cardio workouts, plenty of water throughout the day, nutrition, and a good amount of rest between each of your workout days.

To start off, your workout needs to have some sort of cardio warm-up and little bit of light stretching before you do any of the heavy lifting. It doesn’t have to be anything intense; all you have to do is about five minutes of running on the treadmill and then about five additional minutes of stretching. This essential to get your blood flowing and to prevent any injuries from occurring when you’re doing your weight lifting.

Another type of warm-up you should include in your bodybuilding program is warming up with your main exercise. After you do your cardio stretching, you need to warm up your muscle groups, and the best way to do that is by doing light versions of one of your weight lifting exercises. For example let’s say you wanted to do upper body workouts for the day and your main exercise is going to be the bench press. Your first set should be 50% of your normal weight for 10 repetitions. In your next rep should be 60% for six reps. And then keep on doing something similar for about three more sets. If you look at the end of this article, you’ll see a sample workout session where I’ll be describing this in more detail.

Don’t try to work on your muscles in the same day; spread them throughout the week
Good weight lifting workout routines need to have a certain focus on each day of the workout. You should be grouping some your larger muscle groups together on each of the days. For example, on Monday, you should do triceps, chest, and shoulders; on Wednesday you should do biceps and back; and on Friday, you should do legs and abs. By working out each year muscle groups one time per week you’ll give them enough time to repair themselves and grow.

One common newbie mistake is overtraining. They workout the same muscles more than once per week, which sometimes doesn’t allow the muscles to repair. Remember that muscle growth doesn’t happen during the workout itself. Muscles only grow in mass when they repair themselves and have a proper amount of rest in between each your workouts. The more time you give your muscles to rest in between your workouts, the more time they will to have to repair and grow.

Workout until exhaustion for each of your days
Your muscles are only going to build if push yourself. With each new weekly should be pushing yourself by either increasing your weight slightly (2.5 or 5 pounds) or by increasing your reps by 2 to 4. For weight lifting to be effective, you have to keep on working until your muscles are exhausted. Exhaustion is defined as when your muscles can no longer do an exercise properly. Keep in mind that you should always use proper form and to use steady movements in order reduce the risks of injury.

If you’re using the correct amount of weight, you should only be doing about 8 to 12 reps per set when you’re working on your muscles. 8 is a pretty good number, and if you reach 12 then you should probably grab some heavier weights. If you go any higher than 12 then you’re less likely to build muscle mass and more likely to tone it.

A proper weight lifting workout routine should have about 4 to 7 sets for each exercise (this is assuming that you have approximately 4-6 different exercises for the day; if you have many more exercises, then you’ll want to reduce the amount of sets per exercise so that you don’t completely drain yourself before you complete the workout). It shouldn’t take you hours in order to finish your weight lifting workout routines; in fact, they should only take you one hour to finish. Write down what you are able to perform so that you can keep track of your progress.